design about design
It is a collection of postcards is the final piece of a long process of research and exploration of the fundamental principles of visual grammar. It is a deep examination of the basic visual methods and elements used to communicate using graphic design.
The three main themes have been developed are: Space/ /form/meter, Light/colour, Content/context
45 postcards
Format 180 x 135 mm
Packaging: 390 x 155 x 30 mm
250 gsm matt paper
Font: Gill Sans
SPACE / FORM / METER Experimenting on triangles and the attributes of line, plane, mass, void, rhythm, order, motion and narrative.
LIGHT / COLOUR Exploring the colour yellow and its relationship to the other colours in terms of addiction, subtraction, complement, contrast, tint, tone, hue and triads. Examination of different media and materials.

CONTENT / CONTEXT Interpretation, analysis and documentation of the possible meanings of the colour yellow. Exploration of cultural contexts such as historical, contemporary, social, linguistic, formal, political, economic, technological frameworks.