nosferatu. a symphony of colour
The book is an adaptation of the silent movie by FW Murnau (1922): Nosferatu. A Symphony of Horror.The inspiration comes from the recently restored tinted version of the movie, in which the frames of the black and white film have been coloured by using the “tinting” technique. As a result of this common practice of the early cinema, each image was homogeneously tinted and the choices were made according to the conventions of that time: amber/yellow for daylight exteriors and candlelit interiors, blu/cyan for the night, etc. Therefore, the colours were assigned to the frames according to a code more than to the resemblance to the reality, although they try to refer to it iconically.
In order to adapt the movie, it has been established that one page of the book (the size of the page is based on the original aspect ratio of the frame 1.33:1) corresponds to a minute of the movie, which lasts approximately 94 minutes.
The coloured pages are abstractions from the images / frames that run on the screen together with the texts (intertitles, inserts, letters, etc.). In the movie by Murnau the colours are crucial because they not only define the space and time of the story (diegesis), but they also represent good and evil: the contrast between them and the slight borderline that distinguishes them. Hence, the colours are based on the code established by the conventions and they symbolically convey meaning at the same time.

94 pages
Format: 180 x 135 mm
150 gsm matt paper
300 gsm(cover)
Soft binding
Font: Gill Sans